The Raydeon Group headquartered at Hyderabad is an upcoming conglomerate with interests in Construction, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure and Healthcare, among others. The Group has been founded by two enterprising businessmen Naresh Karumuri and Satish V who have a strong background in creating, managing and growing businesses.
Founded in 2015, Raydeon Energy has made a mark in the field of Solar Energy in a short period of time. In exactly the same way, Raydeon Precast is a young company that is redefining traditional norms on how buildings are constructed. Having studied new construction trends in India and abroad, the founders were passionate about creating cost-effective and sustainable solutions for the Indian Real Estate sector. Raydeon Precast is a fruit of this effort.
The founders have invested significant time and effort to understand the nitty-gritties of the Real Estate business, construction technologies, material science, and challenges faced by property owners. All these have gone into creating a wide range of products that drastically reduces the time taken to construct a building and hence its associated costs.
Quality is one of the hallmarks of all Raydeon Precast products. Every batch of products that come out of Raydeon’s assembly line are put through various tests, which ensure the final structure built using them is structurally durable and aesthetically pleasing. This way, property owners can realize better returns for their money while building contractors can take up more projects in the same duration of time. Precast products also reduce transportation and storage costs for stockists making this technology a win-win for all!

Our Team

The Group has been founded by two enterprising businessmen Naresh Karumuri and Satish V who have a strong background in creating, managing and growing businesses.


    Managing Director

    An MBA with a major in Finance, the efficient Naresh has the mandate of handling all financial operations and overall management at Raydeon Precast. Involved from the inception of the Company, his unmatched professionalism and expertise has seen Raydeon Precast take quicker and longer strides than envisaged. An expert at liaison, he represents the Company with the government, manages power purchase agreements and handles all other documentation related to clearances, construction, power etc. His networking strategies have already put Raydeon Precast on the checklist of corporates seeking solar power. His wide repertoire of talent extends to transportation, logistics, energy and land development.

      SATISH V


      Satish brings to the table, a wealth of experience in electricity transmission and distribution services. He is known for erecting 33 KV lines, 11 KV lines and LT lines for hundreds of kilometers on a turnkey basis, utilizing the services of unemployed youth who were trained by him personally. He has also successfully erected and commissioned 33/11 kv switch yards and 11kv /440v switch yards across states. He is also adept at setting up the control panels and internal wiring for HT installations. He has proven experience in the area of solar power plants and especially well-versed with the standards and codes of MNRE, IEA, CERC and SLDC. A multifaceted personality, Satish is also a trainer, mentor and guide who has transformed unemployed youth into talented professionals.


      To grow into a first choice organization in the Precast and Infrastructure sector by safely, sustainably and profitably delivering best-in-class services, products & solutions.


      To build value for our clientele and the organization by adopting advancing technologies, adapting to industry changes and meeting the evolving needs through diversified skill sets and intelligent product offerings.


      • Safety: Our products will be safe to handle and render the structure built using them – durable and safe for its residents or users
      • Integrity: At no point of time will we compromise on the quality of our products, or our commitment to the buyers and other stakeholders of the construction process
      • Quality: Every one of our products will confirm to the highest standards of strength, durability and aesthetic appeal, making it the most preferred choice for buyers
      • Innovation: We will explore latest advances in technology and material science, from around the world, and introduce new products that will add value to buyers
      • Customer Satisfaction: We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times and create products that enhance the quality of our buyer’s lives