I Used To Love Home Improvement Stores

The Joy of Home Ownership Starts With A Low Maintenance Fence

For example, I have a large fence in my backyard that required numerous board replacement due to rot or termites. Also, hauling out my pressure washer to clean the fence and the ongoing maintenance became tedious, taking away my free time and ultimately the joy of home ownership.

Smart Homeowners Choose PermaFence

I thought that wood fencing was the only way to go. I now know that the smarter homeowner has options. In a word, PermaFence. What is it? Well, it’s engineered concrete products but in my mind, it is so much more. PermaFence is a weekend extender. It’s a magical pass to create more free time.

It also saves me big bucks and I can keep my credit card from overheating from too much use. It’s a product that allows for more fun activities like spending time with my family instead of worrying about the high maintenance of the wood fence at my house.

PermaFence – Outlasts Wood and Vinyl Fences

Concrete PermaFence is so durable it can last up to 100 years. It’s made from 5,000 psi concrete reinforced with structural fiber and can withstand hurricane-force winds. The fence is made from concrete so it will not fade, warp, or rot.

PermaFence has the look and qualities of a stone wall. The fence is maintenance-free and is created from color concrete, eliminating the need for painting.

Safety And Security In A Low Maintenance Fence

For peace of mind and security, PermaFence is the choice for you. Available in 6’, 8’ and custom heights, this beautiful fence will protect your home and your family for many years.

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