Precast Concrete for Homeland Security

Secure Precast Concrete is the Choice for Homeland Security

What that means is precast concrete often comes out very uniform. Send out your measurements and they will come back exactly as you had asked. This type of uniformity is more difficult to achieve in a typical concrete. Precast concrete also makes it easier to build under a tight deadline. You can construct all the walls and pieces separately, deliver it to the construction site and assemble them. With traditional concrete, you have to mix and build every part on site. You also have to wait for them to dry before adding another layer. If you want something done fast, precast concrete is a better option.

That’s why even the Homeland Security endorses this construction product. The main goal of Homeland Security is to make sure that the country is protected against any form of terrorism or threat. To help them better do their jobs, citizens are expected to commit to measures to protect their own property and safety. It was in 2013 when a group of men fired at the Metcalf Transmission Substation. Thankfully, no one was hurt. However, that cost the country about $15 million in damages.

Since then, it became a top priority for Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Homeland Security to build more physical security standards that serve both as s shield to protect the expensive property inside and also as a deterrent. They also decided to replace the standard chain link fencing with a more durable and secure precast concrete wall.

Whether the threat is terrorist-ridden, making it a concern of the Homeland Security, or plain theft, it’s important to protect our property as much as we can. To do that, we have to pick more enduring materials to shield us from such attacks. Hoodlums are bolder when they know a specific place is easier to attach. Having concrete walls is a good way to deter them from victimizing you.

More importantly, they’re also harder to get through. Climbing up a wall is more of a challenge than getting through a fence. Shooting walls down are also not easy and would take a while to pull together. Had there been walls surrounding the compound of the Metcalf Transmission Substation the damages might not have been so bad.

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