Manned by experts with extensive experience in the civil and electrical sectors, Raydeon offers Precast building solutions for:

  • Compound Walls
  • Godown Sheds
  • Industrial Sheds
  • Labour Quarters
  • Cluster Toilets
  • Security Buildings

Raydeon delivers turnkey, hi-precision solutions by bringing architects, engineers, contractors, material suppliers and production planners on one platform to integrate their services right from the conceptual stage, as this is critical to the quality of the final product. Standardization being key, the quality of materials and the casting process are monitored closely and constantly.


  • Less space utilized i.e. space saving
  • Speedy installation
  • Durability
  • Re-installable
  • Economical compared to conventional products
  • Plastering not required
  • No foundation necessary


Traditional brick walls are time consuming to erect and costly to maintain. In recent times, precast concrete boundary walls are gaining currency as good substitutes. Fast and easy to erect, they are low maintenance, do not deteriorate with time and so have a virtually unlimited life.

Raydeon’s precast concrete boundary walls are made from grooved posts placed directly in the ground. The grooves accommodate textured panels which come in both classic brick and polished finish textures. The system is versatile and suits residential, commercial, and industrial developments.


As godowns store goods or raw materials, safety is an imperative in their construction. Being weather- and damage-proof are the two most important parameters that should be kept in mind during their construction. Raydeon’s capability matrix extends to the erection of sturdy, dependable godown sheds that offer utmost protection for goods and material stored in them.


Labour quarters have to offer much needed comfort and protection, and ease of maintenance. Through consistent innovation and an alert understanding of customers’ requirements, Raydeon brings to life living quarters that are at once durable and economical.


Security buildings are a permanent feature in every office building, residential project, industrial factory and others. The extremely robust nature of prestressed concrete wall panels make these units highly resistant to any external forces.


Use of precast construction methodology to erect Cluster Toilets is gaining traction around the world. From thermal comfort, to daylighting, to flexible, column-free work spaces, precast concrete can help contribute to the health, well-being and productivity of a building’s occupiers. While Raydeon’s contribution goes from design to delivery, every aspect is thoroughly discussed, governed and monitored by experienced engineers to assure the best possible product.


Industrial sheds have to cater to unique requirements based on the products and processes followed by any given industry. The requirement can vary from large clear span sheds to rows of factory units, from cantilevered canopies to open bays to built-in mezzanines and so on. Raydeon has the capability to deliver a functional, attractive and low-maintenance building that’s trouble-free and meets your requirement to the ‘t’.