Prestressed concrete is a revolution in the construction industry. They are responsible for cutting down pollution to a huge extent. The structures built with prestressed concrete are the next trendy thing in the construction industry. It permits the building of roofs, floors, bridges, and walls with longer unsupported spans. This allows architects and engineers to design and build lighter and shallower concrete structures without sacrificing strength. Prestressed concrete is used in building residential buildings, commercial buildings, shopping centres, school auditoriums, gymnasiums, cafeterias, parking garages, etc.  Prestressed concrete structures are contributing towards a sustainable living by providing these perks.

  • Lower Manufacture Costs: Since the prestressed concrete slabs are being built in factories by stretching, the lesser material is being used in comparison to the normal concrete that results in lowering of overall manufacture cost of the structure.
  • Higher Durability: Use of prestressed concrete in the structure enhances the durability to a whole new level. They are free from cracks and the resistance to the effect of impact, shock and stresses are higher.
  • More space utilization: The size or dimensions of structural members are reduced, which means that if a high tower is being constructed then the use of prestressed concrete will mean some extra floors in the building.
  • Fewer Joints: Since long prestressed concrete slabs with high strength can be easily manufactured, they are being used in various structures. And their length decreases the demand for more number of joints and construction companies don’t have to worry about getting joining materials and equipment in large numbers.
  • Fewer Workforce: With every prestressed concrete slab being created in the factory through modern equipment, the requirement of workforce decreases. This eventually decreases the total cost levied upon the customers.

Although the initial cost will be more due to setting up of new equipment but the total cost will be compensated after a certain period. Their hyped up demand is the reason why prestressed concrete structures are being brought into use by construction companies eventually contributing towards a sustainable living for consumers.