Our planet, known as the green planet is no more a green planet and we are the reason behind that. Each and every sector has started taking measures to decrease the amount of pollution on the planet. These measures will surely help us to take a step forward towards a greener planet. The construction industry has also started taking measures to make earth a greener planet. Use of pre-stressed concrete for construction of structures is one such step that is making a difference.

Pre-Stressed Concrete

Prestressed concrete is basically concrete in which internal stresses of a suitable magnitude and distribution are introduced so that the stresses resulting from the external loads are counteracted to a desired degree. Concrete is strong in resisting compressive forces but is very weak in resisting tensile forces. So for structures which are expected to experience significant tensile loads concrete is prestressed initially so that it is under compression. This pre-compression will ensure that the concrete section will remain under compression under the application of external tension producing forces.

Contributing towards a Greener Planet

Increased usage of prestressed concrete in the construction industry has led to a decline of pollution that occurs during construction at the construction site which eventually pollutes the surroundings. Pollution usually happened due to the construction of concretes (by mixing all the materials) at the construction site, leading to flying of dust and other fine materials in the air. This was counteracted as prestressed concrete is being manufactured at factories in an enclosed surrounding rendering minimum pollution. Construction through prestressed concrete has also increased the durability of structures avoiding breakage of concretes. Otherwise, the breakage of concretes leads to increased concrete waste as well as its reconstruction; overall, leading to a large amount of pollution but thanks to prestressed concrete that has come to rescue of companies.

A greener planet is a dream that requires consistency to be fulfilled. Prestressed concrete is a small step towards a bigger and better result waiting ahead. At Raydeon Precast, we supply the best quality prestressed cement that is lighter, sturdier, portable, and affordable at the same time.