• Plot No:334, HDGECH(TNGOS) Socity Colony, Near "Q" City Building, Gachibowli


S.No Parameter Traditional Boundary Wall Prestress Precast Boundary Wall (PSPC BW) Advantage PSPC BW
1. Erection time A 100 meter wall takes a minimum of a week to construct and another week for curing Same wall can be erected on site in just 2 days Drastically reduces working time
2. Longevity Endurance of this wall depends on the quality of plaster used PSPC panels are made of void-less dense high grade concrete More durable
3. Failure In case of cover turning failure, a large section of the wall may be damaged and require almost new construction In case of failure, only few columns may get damaged and require replacement; most panels can be reused with minor repairs Almost zero repair costs and immediate correction
4. Security Its 150 mm thick brick masonry can be easily broken by ordinary hand tools The panels are reinforced with high tensile wire – that can only be cut mechanically – at every 75 mm distance Provides greater safety
5. Climate impact Plaster surface absorbs moisture, cracks, and peels off often Hardly any moisture absorption as panel surfaces are made of dense concrete Nearly nil maintenance cost
6. Painting Is essential as the plastered surface is not weatherproof Optional, for aesthetic reasons Cost savings
7. Cleaning Plaster attracts dust, fungus, algae, plants etc. and requires cleaning & painting at regular intervals Merely washing can renew its looks No extra effort and expense
8. Reuse Not possible as it is a permanent construction 100% panels and 60% columns can be reused at another site Slashes reinvestment costs
9. Weight Approximately 600 kg/RMT Approximately 205 kg/RMT Requires much smaller foundations