Why Precast Concrete Technology is a Boon

Humanity has been using concrete for centuries; the strength and durability just can’t be ignored. Add to this the effectiveness and added benefits of precast concrete and it’s nothing less than a boon for the construction industry. So what are the benefits that precast concrete has in the offering for you? Let’s discuss.

7 Benefits of Precast Concrete

    1. Easy installation: Precast is not dependent upon weather conditions because it is prepared off-site in a covered environment. Off-site manufacturing and on-time delivery of precast concrete makes way for an on-time delivery of a project.
    2. Better quality: Since the precast structures are prepared off-site and are not affected by dirt, dust, humidity, fluctuating temperatures and other such conditions, they exhibit better quality. In addition, precast structures undergo effective monitoring and curing that helps get high-quality structures that see off harsh environment conditions over larger spans of time.
    3. Cost-effective: Concrete precast structures extent the life-cycle of a building. They also help the cause by making best use of available space, wasting less space in the process. All these factors make precast concrete the best available and a cost-effective option for building structures that last various decades.
    4. Weather and fire-resistant: Whatever be the weather condition, precast concrete structures have the capability to withstand the chilliest of conditions to the harshest of heat waves. In addition, they are also fire-resistant to the level that they do not melt and additional fire-proofing is not required.
    5. Long life and low-maintenance: Precast concrete structures can last for over a century, thereby reducing the life-cycle cost of the projects. The quality is consistent, there are less leakages and cracks, and hence the overall maintenance cost is low too. The structures are strong and sturdy for their entire lifetime.
    6. Noise reduction: Owing to the dense and sturdy nature of precast concrete, the buildings made out of them are essentially sound-proof to a great extent. This is the reason precast concrete becomes a great choice for commercial buildings, residential complexes and official organizations where noise-reduction is a necessity. The high thermal mass of the prestressed concrete precast structures allow high level of sound insulation and work as sound barriers against urban noises and noise from the roads.
    7. Recyclable: Did you know that the precast cement structures are also recyclable? They can be crushed and reused for construction fills and road-bases. This makes way for further savings while having less impact on the environment.

In addition to having all these amazing properties, precast concrete has a lot to offer. Did we tell you about the water-tight property of the structures made out of precast concrete? The minimal on-site activity requirement and the enhanced speed of construction further make it a perfect choice of the engineers.