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AboutWhy Precast

Precast technology is a boon to both Real Estate companies and property owners who would like to speed up the time taken to construct the building and reduce the overall cost. Precast technology borrows the idea of ready-made building components such as tiles, concrete blocks, prefabricated doors, etc and extends it to the superstructure.

So unlike the past when walls, columns, beams, and roofing slabs had to be constructed on the site, in real-time, they can now be pre-moulded or ‘precast’ in factories, shipped to the construction site just in time, assembled quickly and plastered.

This approach offers various advantages to different stakeholders in the process such as the property owner, Real Estate companies or building contractors, construction material stockists and finally the environment or society we live in. That is why, Prestressed Precast (PSPC) technology is being hailed as the future of sustainable design.

Some of these advantages are:
  • Reduces time and costs: The total man-hours spent in constructing a building are reduced by almost 60% by using prestressed precast panels
  • Environmentally sustainable: Due to the above, the building is more resilient and the process of construction more environment-friendly
  • Durable and adaptable: The low-maintenance surfaces makes the precast panels long-lasting and further, the panels can be moved and reused when required
  • Thermal insulation properties: Use of precast panels improves thermal insulation which reduces air-conditioning and heating costs.
  • Sound insulation properties: Buildings constructed from precast panels are also found to have better sound insulation which is a boon to the residents
  • Disaster proof: The concrete base makes these panels and hence the buildings constructed from them – fire proof. They are also more vibration resistant
  • Humidity proof: Precast panels are tightly compacted and have smooth surfaces. Hence, they are less vulnerable to air infiltration and hence humidity or fungus
  • Ease to handle: The controlled factory environment makes it easy to control the mix, placement and curing
  • Superior quality: Since the panels are manufactured in a factory, in controlled climate-conditions, it’s easy to maintain or enforce quality at every step
  • Reduces exposure: Since the panels are moulded in a factory and shipped to the construction site when needed, they are not exposed to weather conditions on sites
  • Easy to install: These panels are modular in design, so they are quick to assemble. Further they do not require any down-time to gain strength, so construction can be quick
  • Accelerated curing: The precast panels are subject to heating and cooling which makes it stronger, thereby reducing the need to cure them after assembling on site